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She’s Back

She’s back. And learning once again how to make her way through the Dashboard. I’d forgotten that part of Speak Without Interruption. <p>

<br>As I told another Grant Journal contributor, I’m a very talented person, especially with computer software and programs. If there is something that can go wrong, I can find it without even […]

Defying Death, Hell and High Water—the Wendy’s Bunch Reloads

It’s been a spell since I updated my readers on the Wendy’s breakfast bunch and their goings-on, so I decided to take this occasion to make amends. The Mission “weed patch” to the east of the Wendy’s location still flagrantly displays its green glory, all efforts at revitalizing the construction project having so far slid […]

Will the Last Sane Person on Planet Earth Please Step Forward?

An examination of the illogic and confusion inherent in contemporary culture and society.

Okay, I admit it. I’ve completely surrendered searching for any semblance of reason amid the current political scene. Republicans are repudiating and devouring their own support base. Democrats have swung so far left they can’t even articulate the difference between socialism and […]

Crawling Back into the Womb, or Rather, the Egg

Has the advancement of technology outpaced all hope for humanity?

In 1806 William Wordsworth lamented in a sonnet, “The world is too much with us….” Well, here’s a news flash—things haven’t gotten any better. In fact, in these contemporary times, humankind’s challenges seem to have evolved far beyond those of Wordsworth’s reference. Yes, of course, […]