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When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.
William Shakespeare

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Kitsch, Decadence and the Why of Donald Trump

The artistic concept of “decadence,” as either a movement or a condition, can be traced back at least to the eighteenth century and appears and reappears (think Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde, 1920s Berlin, etc.) moving forward up to the present time. And it would seem, in the broadest sense of that word, that once again we’re […]

To Keep, or to Cast Away

“Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Romans 12: 2

Perhaps it had something to do with my having been listening to the angst-ridden radio newscast prior […]


The New Paradigm and Workforce Issues. (2009, historical but applicable in 2017)

The “Workforce” can no longer afford to change locations and residences to “follow the jobs” as in earlier times. The costs and associated headaches with moving, especially with a family, have grown too much for the average American. Statistics show Americans becoming more […]

In the Eye (or Mind) of the Beholder

Construal: “…[A] social psychological term that refers to the way in which (or the process of) people perceive, comprehend, and interpret the world around them.”

—AlleyDog.com Psychology Glossary


As a psychology student at the University of Kansas many years ago, I remember becoming particularly intrigued with that branch of the science known as social […]

Trump, Reeducation and the Unhinged “Snowflake”

As the entry into the new year 2017 nears, the last topic in a blog post I wanted to be addressing is politics. The political campaigns and election run-up of 2016 have been psychologically, emotionally and physically draining to the bottom of my human reserve. Nevertheless, an editorial in last Saturday’s Kansas City Star by […]

After the Storm: Politicians and Pundits Nominated for Oblivion

In 1932 Ernest Hemingway published a masterful short story of the sea in Cosmopolitan magazine titled “After the Storm.” The narrative concerns a conch fisherman who, after engaging in and escaping a violent barroom brawl and knife fight, heads out on the water in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane and discovers an ocean liner […]

The Politics of Personal Destruction on Steroids

“The principal object [of the Federalists is] the political, and even the personal, destruction of John Quincy Adams.”

—Governor James Sullivan of Massachusetts, 1808

“I think that these were obviously personal and private moments that unfortunately were made public for partisan, political purposes—a part of the ongoing politics of personal destruction that was so much […]

A Populace Residing in Alternate Realities

Has the gulf between perceptions become too wide to ever admit common ground?


At the outset, a partial retraction: I take pride in maintaining factual credibility and high journalistic standards throughout my blog series. That compels me to offer a correction to an impression created in my former post concerning the status of the […]

A Shell Game, Changes and Feet of Clay

How politicians and the powerful scam the trusting and unwary.

When my wife, Dee, was a little girl growing up in the Philippines, one day her mother gave her ten pesos and instructed her to proceed to the town market and purchase food for the family. On the way, Dee encountered a group of men […]

Bowing to Wife’s Edict Yields On-the-Spot Reporting

The writer and his wife experience the hoopla of a political convention.

The voice at the other end of the line was Earl Long’s, the local head of the FairTax initiative (the sans IRS, sans income tax, pro national consumption-tax plan). “Mark,” he says, “I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

“Oh, […]