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What Happened?

By now the Polar Ice Caps were supposed to have melted.  You remember the images.  Huge mountains of ice tumbling into the sea.  Polar Bears floating by on little slabs of ice with nothing but water all around.  The planet was going to be like that movie with Kevin Costner called Waterworld.  What happened?

And, we were supposed to have 10,000 cases of the Ebola a week, every week which means by now that there would have been 2 million, 5 million or 10 million cases!  Do the numbers matter?  Do they ever?  Is anyone counting?  It was supposed to spread like a plague.  No wait, it was supposed to be THE plague.  What happened?

And, Jeb 3x Bush was supposed to be the Republican Nominee, all the polls and subsequently all the Talking Heads said so and said so for years.  What happened?  Rumor has it that he’s not even in the Republican Party anymore.  Could that be true?  A Republican Party without the Bushes?  Is that possible?  Is it allowed?  Is it legal?

Are we tuning into the right channels, logging onto the right websites, reading the right newspapers and magazines?  Maybe this stuff, the truth, is out there on some other maybe older, more primitive form of communication, like short wave radio or CB?  If so what is the frequency?  Is it possible that this is all happening like it was supposed to and we’re missing it?

And, the polls, first HerHillaryness was up by 15, then 3, then The Donald Himself was, up by 3.  We’re not sure if everyone grasps the gravitas here.  In the last election over 128 million people voted, so every 1% change in a poll means 1.28 million people changed their minds.  That’s 1,280,000 people.  And, a 3% shift in the polls means 3,800,000 million people changed their minds and that would be like everyone in the borough of Queens and half of Brooklyn.  A 12% shift means over 15,000,000 million people changed their minds since the last poll.  Is this what is happening?  And, it’s happening every week.  OMG!  Will people ever make up their minds?  What happens if 12% of the people change their minds on November 9th?

Worrying about that we took a poll here among the staff and then among all the people at the Blue Bay Diner where most of us eat breakfast.  This is not a scientific poll and has a margin of error of plus or minus 15, as we wound up asking around 45 people.  That should be enough right?  And, it was a simple poll.  Not who are you voting for but just have you changed your mind about who you’re voting for since the Conventions?  0% of the people in the Blue Bay Diner poll have changed their minds since the Conventions and a 100% have not.  If you notice there were no undecideds.  It does depend how you ask the questions.

In analyzing our results we decided that it’s a good thing we not big on conspiracy theories here, because if we were, somebody might think they just make this stuff up, stuff in the news that is, as they go.

Dicens simile factum est

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21 comments to What Happened?

  • Dick Dunghill

    Nothing “happened” because liberals are liars. The fraud of “man caused global warming” is nothing more than a fabrication in order to impose crippling taxes under the guise of battling said “global warming.”

    Yes, it is that simple. And that corrupt.

  • I see you’re already making friends over here, Sir Don

  • Dick Dunghill

    No, Ricardo, this site has nothing to do with “making friends.” It’s greatest use is to expose the mental disorder known as “Liberalism.”

    Speaking of Liberalism, will you have the integrity to move to Mexico if Trump wins, as you mentioned in a recent post? Will you join the line of democrat blowhards who have “threatened” to move out of the United States if a Republican wins the presidency and then skulk away like cowards when it’s time to pay up? It’s a long list and includes Alec Baldwin, Robert Altman and Babs Streisand, just to name a few. They all said they would leave if George W Bush became president. To date, none of them have left the country. Countless others have echoed the same promise, regarding a Trump victory.

    Why do liberals think the rest of the world gives a shit about what they think – and do you have the balls to stick to your word or are you just another liberal pompous windbag?

    Do tell, Ricardo…..

  • After so many years on SWI, I have yet to get into the habit of looking for your posts on The Grant Journal, Don. Anyway, better late than never….but now that I’ve arrived, pardon me for not sticking around, as an extremely nasty odor seems to have penetrated and fouled your space.

  • Don Frankel

    Dick, Bob Grant let’s everyone say anything and I agree with that policy and I encourage everyone to express themselves by writing articles on whatever subject they wish. In the comments section of my articles I don’t allow name calling because what happens is people go from intelligent discussion to insulting each other’s mothers.

    I’m neither a democrat/liberal nor a republican/conservative or a member or any other ideology. I think a whole lot of people say and do silly things and when they do I make fun of them. For the greater good of course. I hope you enjoy my writings.

  • Don Frankel

    Richard the IVth, I always make friends, except when I don’t.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, I thought you might like it here a little better. But I didn’t realize we were doing comments here as yet.

  • Hey, it’s like the old fun days at SWI here already! One of the things I missed over there were the adjective-laden personal attacks–they just didn’t seem to happen anymore.

    What I said was I want to move to Mexico whether Trump wins or loses–hardly the same thing. I’m not posting anything here yet, so you’ll have to go to my site to verify my veracity. Feel free to leave your comments there, too.

  • Bob Grant

    Yes, I welcome “all comments and posts” – from any viewpoint on this site or others.

  • Dick Dunghill


    Your article says you go to Mexico if Trump wins the presidency. Hardly what you’re claiming now. Unless you’re going to go back and change it.

    Your serve, Ricardo….

  • “A show called “Buying Mexico” recently started playing, and we were immediately locked to the screen, because we often talk about buying a home in Mexico, even if Trump loses the election.”

    It’s right here http://www.richardcahill.net/home/buying-mexico-on-tv-isnt-for-us6916860

    Thanks for being a reader, though.

  • Dick Dunghill

    Just trying to keep you honest, Ricardo. That’s a full-time with liiberals.

  • “Full time *job* ”

    Gotta stop typing while watching Fox News. Too distracting. But how else can I keep up with Hillary’s latest lies?

  • As I demonstrated, I was being honest. Maybe you ought to find other work.

  • Exactly how did you “prove” you were being honest? Your written statement and your verbal statement are at odds. Perhaps you should try being “a reader,” too — especially when it comes to what you’ve written.

    I know that Libs have a strange, if not “evolving” concept of “truth,” but that’s not really how it’s supposed to work.

    You wrote that you’ll be moving to Mexico if Trump loses. When subsequently questioned whether you’ll keep your word and indeed move if the GOP is victorious, mentioning some TV show has nothing to do with it, Ricky.

    The question still stands. Will you move to Mexico if The Donald defeats that thieving, lying harridan?

  • Don Frankel

    Okay guys Dick Dunghill and Richard the IVth, take this someplace else. Guess I wasn’t clear enough. Bob encourages anyone to write anything. I don’t. What we have here is the ability to edit the comments on our articles and when discourse descends into name calling I will delete. So everyone gets a warning and then I hit the delete button.

    The idea of writing to me requires that people actually do that, write as in write an article which expresses ideas and I encourage everyone to do just that. But I don’t write articles so people can insult each other’s mothers.

    What happened in the past is people would come on the site start insulting each other and then get exasperated and their missives would get more and more desperate. Then they would express one last tirade of all the unfairness that they’ve encountered and poof they would be gone. Why? I can’t really say but my guess is there are no real thoughts or ideas involved in insulting people, so they simply ran out of gas. But I could be wrong as I’m wrong at least once a day.

    Dick, Richard Cahill aka Ricardo, aka Richard the IVth, writes at least one article a week sometimes two, so you can go into the comments section of his articles and argue and insult him there all you want. You can also write your own articles and say whatever you want. You just can’t do it in the comments section of my articles. Thank you.

  • When have I ever made a verbal statement to you, or to anybody at SWI or the Grant Journal? To answer your question one more time than it deserves, I want to move to Mexico no matter who wins.

  • Don Frankel

    Now I must admit I do feel a little stupid here. He got us again. Hello K.J. also know as Mad Madigan and now Dick Dunghill.

  • Typical Lib. When you’re bloviating about some perceived bias or nonexistent global warming, you rant on. But when a direct question – that reflects on your personal integrity – is posed, its suddenly not worth your time to answer directly.

    You’re consistent, if not entertaining.

  • Dick Dunghill

    “Verbal” as in what you’ve posted here. “Written” as in what you posted in the article in which you said you were moving to Mexico if Trump won. Stop obfuscating.

  • Don Frankel

    C’mon K.J. give us a break. I know it’s you. Dick Dunghill, I should have known it right away. That’s a good one too. It’s in the Mad Madigan vein.

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