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HerHillaryness, the Illness

The staff kicked around this question over the last few days.  Is HerHillaryness’s mystery illness whether it is pneumonia, concussion, cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s or brain damage any reason to withdraw our endorsement of her?  And, the larger question, if she becomes incapacitated or dies from this illness, is that any reason not to vote for her?

Some say yes others say no.  What do you think?  We hear they have a contingency plan over there at the DNC but is it really necessary?  The only reason a candidate doesn’t run or drops out of a race is because they are dying in the polls, not in real life.  Do we have to explain politics to these people?

Yes, yes we can hear what all the naysayers and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy theorists out there and even some right here in this room are saying.  And, to you, to all of you may, we present Bill Nojay, GOP New York State Assemblyman from Rochester New York.  It seems tragedy has struck and before the Assemblyman could testify in District Court about some missing money well… yada, yada, he’s no longer with us.  But he had secured not only the GOP endorsement for re-election but also the Independence Party’s and the Reform party’s endorsements as well.  So the GOP is requesting that everyone in the GOP still vote for him in the primary.  They feel the other Republican candidate Rick Milner, although alive and able to serve, is just not Conservative enough.  You see how alive doesn’t mean that much?

And, if it’s good enough for the GOP, the Conservative Party, the Independence Party and the Reform Party, well it should be good enough for the Democratic Party too.  Besides everyone knows by now because every Talking Head in the entire Mass Hysteria has been saying for years, that after HerHillaryness, they, The Democrats that is, have no one.  They can’t simply run no one, can they?

So it’s time to move on.  It’s time to stop speculating and most of all speaking, writing or even thinking about whatever illness HerHillaryness has.  Because, well because, what difference at this point, does it make?

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

P.S. This just in.  Bill Nojay won!  Now his opponent might invoke General Sherman and point out that Assemblyman Nojay cannot run and if elected cannot serve.  But then the NoJay people can respond with Vince Lombardi.  “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

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