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A tribute to the American Worker

The American worker today is increasingly under pressure.  There have been many business closings which includes not only entire companies but branches of companies.  The impact of these decisions affects not only the company but the employees who work for them.  Today hard decisions are being made but the American worker seems to be ignored to some extent on how they are affected.  Granted there are actions in place or in work at various levels to help those who have lost their jobs to cope with their situations and for this it is great.  Many workers are now finding themselves without jobs after many years at one company.  This can be and is hard for many to comprehend and react.  I understand that when the public buys less businesses must cut back on their expenses and this sometimes results in reducing their employee base.

The situation of the American worker is no different than those in other countries.  While each country has their own way of reacting to the needs of their citizens I feel the base of the American economy is the everyday worker and their innovative talents when faced with situations.  Businesses need to use this talent to resolve issues facing them.  The talent of the American worker I feel is endless and this talent can be put to good use in solving the problems now facing our economy.  We all have talents and businesses must wisely use the talents of their employees for the jobs they need to be done.

The innovative talents and expertise of the American worker can be seen in the new products being introduced into society.  Both the complexity and ingenuity in developing either new products or updating old ones are examples of the talents and expertise of the American worker.  This article does not mean to imply that there are not talented individuals in other countries as this is not the intent of this article.  The main purpose of this article is to recognize the American workers for their contributions today and those of the past to society.

American workers have their background from other countries and cultures and as such the talents from other countries can be seen in the American worker.  There are many immigrants from many countries who have made a difference in creating the culture we as a country now have.  We are a nation of immigrants and the talents, character and upbringing that are now in place we owe to those who have come to this country to make a new life.

One prime example of the talent and expertise of the American workers and the talent they brought from their individual countries was the industrial revolution.  Many changes took place during this period of history and as such we should recognize that we as a nation have enormous talent.   I feel this talent for the most part is left untapped by our personal efforts and business.  Businesses today are facing enormous challenges in our economy today and they must recognize the talents of the workers they have to help them through these times.  Many times those working at the lowest levels of a company have something to offer but are never approached to provide their input.  This is something that needs to change.

The talents of the American worker and the character and expertise they have brought through their ancestors from foreign lands are available we only need to access it.  We have seen in the past when our country faces challenges the American worker stands up in support of facing the challenges head on.  Today we currently face challenges in the current economic environment and I know we will get through this but the talents and expertise of the American worker must not be ignored.  I am proud to be an American and contributing my talents as they are to society.  I like others do not know everything but by working together in team environments much can be accomplished.  Teams are good resources to bring various talents together to complete a project or develop an action plan to resolve issues facing businesses and our country.

Talents exist in all individuals though we may not recognize them until they are needed and then many times we are surprised by individuals who bring solutions to problems.  Talents are not restricted to a specific age or group of individuals.  Older individuals many of whom are now working to help them survive in the current economic environment bring their experience and talents to help others.  The current generation of which I am privileged to work with is a credit to their generation.  Many times when generations pass the torch to the next to take charge of the economy are hesitant and are not confident the country will be in good hands.

Speaking from the experiences I have had I can tell you the readers of this article the country is in good hands.  I have seen the talents and work ethic of many individuals in the current generation and I am proud of what I see.  The experiences I have had with today’s generation have shown they care about their work and want to do a good job.  This kind of attitude is what we need in the world today.  Business has a responsibility to help create an environment where people care about what they do and feel their employer cares about them.  We as a generation have faced problems during the time when we entered the workforce.  This generation is no different.   Though the problems we are now facing as a nation are enormous I am confident the talent exists in the current generation to help us to survive and prosper.

The last point to make is this every generation has doubts about the next and this time in our history is no different.  Let us use the talent of all generations to work together to help our nation and the world survive these times and prosper.  When we use the hidden talents of individuals to make a difference in the way things are done we can accomplish much.  We must learn from the mistakes of the past and not repeat them to avoid bringing us to the same situation we are in today.  We have a great country and the talents and expertise of the American workforce is in my opinion unlimited based on the examples of the past and looking forward to the future.  The technology we now have is changing rapidly and what we have today will not resemble what we will have in the future.  This is evidence not only of the American worker but workers all over the world who make valuable contributions to the world economy.  Our current business environment is a global one and businesses must create new ways to compete in the world market.








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Dennis AuBuchon

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