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Who will be the leaders of tomorrow?

The leaders of tomorrow may not yet have been born but if they have they will face many issues which exist today and far into the future.  The leaders of tomorrow are now situated in our school system both public and private but are they being taught or being indoctrinated into a philosophy which is contrary to the principles upon which this country was found.

There are all types of leaders and they come from many sources.  Leaders need to be able to analyze and question the status quo not accept it.  Many technological changes are occurring on a daily basis and the technology we have today will be far different into the foreseeable future.  Our schools and in some respects those who are teaching the students of today must allow the option to think for themselves rather than accept what is being taught.  It is great to present the information in a classroom environment but in some cases the content of courses has been changed to a philosophy of political correctness.

One important ingredient or characteristic of a leader is the ability to interact with others.  In any education system whether it is our schools or through companies for which we work as individuals we need the capability to interact with others.  This is a characteristic which

Our education philosophy is changing in ways that are not beneficial to the future leaders of tomorrow.  Government should not dictate what should be taught and the content to be included.

Leaders will come from all walks of life and will not always be those in management.  Leadership can involve any position in an organization and many times it does.  As we develop our individual talents and qualities we become the knowledge expert in a wide variety of fields or topics.  When we accomplish this we become leaders.  We can interact with others and help solve problems of others as a result of our knowledge or expertise.

Being a leader is as different as different as us as individuals but three traits a leader should possess are being able to make good decisions, standing up for principles and setting aside personal friendship to make the right decisions. Standing up for your principles is a critical trait which distinguishes one individual from another.  Some of our political officials do not exhibit this important characteristic as can be seen when they follow their political establishment rather than their principles.  This is one thing that is wrong with the present culture in Congress and in some cases legislatures in states.

When our country began individuals stepped up to the plate and did what was necessary when faced with actions they felt were unjustified.  The same is true today and will be true in the future.  The leaders of tomorrow will be individuals who will stand up not only for their principles but will stand up when situations or events impact what this country stands for.  Standing up for the principles on which this country was found can be us as voters in this election year.  Too much has occurred in the last few years and in some cases many years which need to be reversed.  When we vote this year we need to stand up for what is right and elect those who will stand up with us in getting this country back to the basic principles on which this country was found.  Actions which impact our freedoms in the Constitution is not right and we need to send a message we will not accept such action and those who support this action should be replaced this election year.

We need to recognize individuals who understand the authority they have engrained in the Constitution and support them who agree with their stance on the issues.  It will be up to us as voters to change the direction of our country in critical areas such as spending more than what is being received, making critical programs on which individuals need financially sound such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Common sense not political philosophy is what needs to return to how the federal government operates.  The federal government needs to reverse the overbearing regulations and laws which are impacting our economic recovery.  Energy is just one area where this needs to take place.



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Dennis AuBuchon

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