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Changing America

Today there are many organizations in the United States whose goal is to help change and shape America. We have many problems/issues facing our country not the least of which is our high unemployment and our national debt and actions need to be taken not only by governments at all levels but by the people themselves.  Individually we cannot do it ourselves but together we can accomplish much.  Government cannot do it all and should not it is up to us as individuals to take action.

Under our Constitution we have specific rights granted to us not the least of which is our freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the Press embodied in the 1st Amendment.  These three principles are the cornerstone of our country.  The authority and responsibilities given to government should not encroach upon our rights as citizens of this great country.  The federal government today has grown so large that it has become what many perceive to be as dysfunctional.  Little appears to be getting done with both houses of Congress appear to be fighting each other on the legislation being processed by both.  This is not the way it should be and does not agree with the principles upon which this country was found.

One specific non-profit organization called the Center for America is bringing people face to face with issues affecting the future quality of life, economic prosperity and freedom in America.

This organization among others has not received the recognition they deserve both from us as individuals and from government at all levels. The main theme of the Center for America is a simple one. It is to help educate, motivate, and empower Americans to expand skills, entrepreneurship, prosperity and freedom.  This country was based on the philosophy of building a better life for those who came to this country.  It is the American dream.

The American dream needs to be kept alive but with the current environment it is sadly becoming harder to achieve.  Granted some individuals have been able to achieve the American dream but for others it is a struggle.  The environment we now find ourselves in makes it difficult to get ahead if not make ends meet.  Our country has many opportunities for individuals and businesses but the current culture of government along with the laws and regulations is making it harder and harder.  Organizations such as the Center for America and America Strong are fighting for our rights and liberties and they deserve the recognition from the media.

America Strong is an organization which believes in limited government, free enterprise, religious freedom, fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense.  These are values some of which are engrained in our Constitution while others should be.  Together with the Center for American and others our country would change.  We as individuals need to give them the support they deserve.  We can do this by electing or reelecting individuals that believe in the principles and values these organizations stand for along with our rights in the Constitution.  The votes we make this election year can be a turning point to begin changing our country for the better.  Granted there are many issues facing our country but if we stand together with organizations like the ones mentioned in this article our country could regain the prestige it once had and the respect we deserve.


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Dennis AuBuchon

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