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Farewell SWI, Greetings to The Grant Journal

When I began blogging over four years ago on Speak Without Interruption, I had no idea where that endeavor would lead.  I was simply hoping to attract some potential readers for my novels once I’d secured an agent to represent them and hopefully then a major publisher.  However, one thing led to another, and one day I realized I actually had a book of blog posts in and of itself.  That’s how The Pebble: Life, Love, Politics and Geezer Wisdom was born, a collection in hard copy and on Kindle, now nominated for three literary awards.

My gratitude to Bob Grant for hosting the old SWI site — and to the regular readers, fine writers themselves, who furnished helpful feedback along the way — will always remain boundless.  It has been, indeed, a great ride.  So as SWI phases out and transitions to The Grant Journal, I intend to keep posting intermittently on the new site as well.  I’ll not migrate over from SWI the blog posts appearing in my book as that seems unnecessarily redundant, but I will repost in chronological order those posts that went up after the book was published.  Therefore, I’d caution any new readers that the initial ten may in some cases seem a bit dated.  Nevertheless, I would hope they’d find plenty there still relevant and much to entertain.

In the introduction to the launch of my blog series years ago, I offered the following observation.  In 1959 G.P. Putnam’s Sons published a collection of short works by Norman Mailer titled Advertisements for Myself.  It was a bit of a hodgepodge of stories, essays and commentary (notably containing the two now classic pieces “The White Negro” and “The Time of Her Time”), and served as an early example of the emergent self-promotion strain in American literature.  Now, in [2016], with the advent of the Internet, e-books and “indie publishing” – in conjunction with the near disappearance of the major publishing houses’ advertising budgets – like it or not, book promotion has been left almost exclusively to the authors themselves.  And it is with that sobering situation in mind, and taking advantage of the platform offered by The Grant Journal, I intend to continue my blog series in the same eclectic spirit as before.

Farewell SWI; hello The Grant Journal.  And greetings once again to mistermuse, Richard, Don, et al.  I eagerly anticipate seeing more of your comments soon.

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Mark Scheel
Mark Scheel grew up in east-Kansas farm country. He attended both Kansas State University and The University of Kansas, majoring in psychology and English. Prior to writing full time he served overseas with the American Red Cross in Vietnam, Thailand, West Germany and England, taught at Emporia State University and was an information specialist with the Johnson County Library in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. His stories, articles and poems have appeared in numerous magazines including The Little Balkans Review, Kansas Quarterly, The Cincinnati Poetry Review, The Kansas City Star, Heritage of Kansas, Samisdat, and Poet as well as many sites online such as Common Ground News. His literary activities have also involved membership in The Kansas Authors Club, a seat on the board of directors for Potpourri Publications Company and an editorial position with Kansas City Voices magazine. He co-authored the book Of Youth and the River: the Mississippi Adventure of Raymond Kurtz, Sr., and his collection of stories and poems, A Backward View, was awarded the 1998 J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award. His most recent book is titled The Pebble: Life, Love, Politics and Geezer Wisdom.

5 comments to Farewell SWI, Greetings to The Grant Journal

  • Bob Grant

    Mark – thank you.

  • Your Midwestern beneficence shines through in this accolade for TGJ, Senor Mark. However, my native East Coast surliness combined with my adopted California indifference means I’ll be waiting to see how things develop here before I contribute. And you should recall that Sr. Muse quit SWI after the Great Meltdown of ’14 (just guessing at the year) during which some of his works were lost for good. Or for evil.

  • Richard (AKA “Ricardo”),

    Good to see your old mug beneath my post again. 🙂 Ah, my good man, you’re a tough cookie. Bob is doing the best that he can; nobody is perfect. I’m just grateful he got me started on the whole blogging thing which has led to some great benefits. Yes, I noticed Muse had pulled out after the debacle, but he still commented on posts, which was always fun and insightful. Anyway, I’ll be watching for your comments on different posts and chime in when I have something to say. “Midwestern beneficence”? Hmmmm. Nobody ever noticed that before nor characterized it in that way. I owe ya! Ha.

    Hope to see you around,


  • Hello again, Mark. As Ricardo indicated, I stopped posting on SWI the a few years ago and will not be posting here (other than comments), but I hold no grudge against Bob (as I hope I’ve previously made clear) and will look forward to your future posts.

  • Hello mistermuse,

    Good to see you signing in! Yes, I understand. And I apologize for not leaping over to your own site and reading your material there–what I read before was truly well done! Anyway, look forward to your commentary. Now, if Don just checks in, we’ll have the whole posse assembled once again. Ha. LOL Be well all.


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