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Inspiration for the National Anthem and for us

Many individuals who have not thoroughly studied the history of our country may not know the details of generating our national anthem.  There is a story behind the events which impacted the writing of our national anthem and understanding the circumstances will bring about a better appreciation of its words.  We all have sung this song at sports events but the history behind the song needs to be told.  It is a subject which has seen little if any attention in the discussion on the history of our country.  Little known facts during the War of 1812 culminated in the creation of the song.

The events which preceded the writing of this song involved the War of 1812.  Many battles raged during this war but none were more influential than the British bombardment of Ft. McHenry.  Prior to the bombardment of Ft McHenry the commander of this fort Major Armistead requested a flag made measuring 30 X 42 feet.  This flag became the Star Spangled Banner we have come to know today.  The flag had withstood the bombardment of the British attack and this inspired the writing of our national anthem we sing today.

The circumstances of the flag being created and its withstanding of the British bombardment in Baltimore brought together the talents of two individuals that have withstood the stand of time.  Throughout our history there have been many events or incidents which have changed our country and there will undoubtedly be events or incidents in our future which will have great impact on how our country will be compared to our past.

Those of us who are writers and even those of us who are not will be placed in circumstances which will shape our lives and impact our country.  The conditions which existed during the War of 1812 related to our flag and our national anthem has impacted our country ever since.  Our flag is a symbol of our country and what it stands for and is recognized all over the world.  Conditions or circumstances we will face as individuals in the future are unknown to us at this point in time but conditions and circumstances will present themselves.  The circumstances which created our flag and our national anthem and the circumstances we will face I would like to believe we will have the same opportunity to impact the lives of others.

Writers have a unique opportunity to present ideas and concepts which today may not appear to have much impact but books and articles have been written which will stand the test of time.  Great works have been published by many individuals throughout history that are considered classic writings which help us to learn and understand the period in which they were written.  Individuals in the past with their ingenuity developed products or technology which have greatly impacted our country and for that matter the world.  Thomas Edison was one of those individuals.  We as individuals have the capability to make a difference.  Francis Scott Key in writing a poem which became the national anthem is only one example of developments in our history which impacts our lives today.  The talents we possess must or should be fully utilized to the best of our capability for if we do not we are not living up to our full potential.




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Dennis AuBuchon

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