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Do Not let your handicaps keep you from your dreams

I heard an inspiring story about a teenager with a handicap who did not let his handicap keep him from his dream of playing football for his high school.  His handicap was that he was blind.  This did not stop him.  With the support of his school and his community his dream of playing football was realized.  The human spirit and drive we as individuals have can generate like this teenager and reminds us that all of us have inner strength and resolve to accomplish whatever we set out to accomplish.

All of us have dreams but too often when we reach a stumbling block or obstacle to accomplishing our dreams we give up.  This is not the American way.  We as a country have accomplished so many things and have been through so much throughout our history.  One amazing accomplishment was a goal set to land on the moon.  This goal was accomplished within a ten year period.  Our country got behind this goal and worked together to achieve it.  We as a country can accomplish anything we set our minds to if we have the dedication and the resolve.

Accomplishing our dreams/goals can be a difficult task to accomplish but overall if we establish goals in small steps then when we reach them we feel a measure of success.  Most if not all of us have some handicaps but we may not realize we have them as we have become used to dealing with them throughout our lives.  The example above with the teenager is only one example where an individual has not let their dreams disappear.  There are many individuals who have accomplished their dreams despite their handicaps.

Individuals with handicaps are people too and we must not let the physical or mental handicaps choose how we interact with them.  It is important to treat individuals how we would want to be treated.  If we had the handicaps many individuals have how would we want to be treated?  There are many fine organizations who work with handicapped individuals to help make their lives as normal as they can be.  There are Olympic style athletic events established for handicapped individuals and the smiles on their faces when they cross the finish line cannot be described in words.  It is not about whether they crossed the finish line it is about their will and drive to participate in competition.  Whether we have a handicap or not does not make a difference.  We should encourage any individual who has a dream to not let their dream fail to be achieved.  We need to support and encourage the dreams of others whether they have a handicap or not makes no difference.    Let us treat individuals with handicaps as the individuals they are and not let them feel they are inferior as a result of their handicap whatever it may be.

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Dennis AuBuchon

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