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The Only Barriers we have are the ones we place on ourselves

Many of us feel we have barriers to our success and in some cases this may be true to some extent but the real barriers we have we put on ourselves.  Each of us has difficult times and must make difficult decisions.  We often have many things that we need or want to get accomplished but we feel we do not have the time to accomplish them all.

Our time these days are bombarded with so much information to absorb given the technology of today.  We have commitments to our families and the organizations for which we work but our greatest commitment is that we have for ourselves.  Having goals and the path to achieve them are only limited by the allocation of the time we have to apply to them.  The human mind is a wonderful thing and we still do not understand everything about it even with the technology we have today.  Ronald Reagan made a profound statement about the human mind the words of which are provided below:

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.”

In the quote he talks about the human spirit.  The spirit we have as individuals is something no one or government can really take away from us unless we let them.  The human spirit along with the American spirit cannot be legislated by any government.  While government can impose penalties regarding violations of other individual’s rights the spirit we have is something to cherish.

Barriers are always going to be with us that we cannot control and sometimes we add additional barriers which affect our success in what we want to get accomplished.  Constraints of government can be changed but only we can change the constraints we place upon ourselves.  This is difficult to do in some cases but we as individuals and as a country can have been through much in our lives and we have survived.  We need to have the attitude of changing our perspective to have the confidence and faith that we can tackle anything that comes our way.

Our attitude makes a difference in how we respond to the environment around us.  Having the right perspective not only affects getting things done but it affects how we feel about the situations we face.  There are those individuals who always seem to have a bad attitude or perspective on life and we see how that affects the relationships they have personally and professionally.  There are always going to be individuals who complain or do not want to accept changes in their lives.  This amounts to a barrier but change is a part of life and we need to remove the barriers we have created to resisting change.  We will not only feel better but our whole perspective can change the outlook we have for our future.

Barriers can be a good thing in making us think about decisions we must make before we make mistakes but they can be a bad thing if they hamper us going forward.  We need to utilize the faith we have in ourselves along with the freedoms we have.  We must embrace the freedoms we have today and those who are taking actions or have taken actions to restrict our freedoms need to remove the barriers they have place in themselves.  Barriers from one individual can and does affect the barriers in place to others.  One example is our freedom of religion.  Individuals seem to create situations which affect our right to freedom of religion placing barriers upon us to express our religious beliefs.  Whether you are religious or not makes no difference in relation to the barriers others place upon us.  We cannot control the barriers placed upon us by others or government  our attitude toward them and our reaction to them can make all the difference.


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Dennis AuBuchon

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