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“Alea Iacta Est”

Now Jill Stein of the Green Party…  Wait, let me introduce her, she ran for President just in case you didn’t know and you might not, as she got so few votes they’re not even listed in Wiki but former Presidential candidate Jill Stein, asked for a recount in the State of Wisconsin.  Why you may have wondered Wisconsin since it only has 10 electoral votes and even if you turned the entire state around it would not effect, the election and Jill Stein didn’t get enough votes anywhere to even get one elector but the answer was…  If you raise money for a recount in the state of Wisconsin, there are no restrictions on the money.  That’s right fans you can take it and go shopping or to the race track, whichever you prefer.  In other states if you collect money for a recount you have to spend it on the recount.  And, HerHillaryness and her people jumped in on that because, well because, they are always down for collecting money, anywhere, anytime.

But the Mass Hysteria has reported that Jill Stein collected either 5 million or 7 million dollars, it depends on which Mass Hysteria outlet you tune into or which day.  You would think they could get that right, as well, it’s a number.  But what’s a few million among friends.  But either way, she collected millions for the recount and the results are in.

The Donald Himself gained 162 votes.  Which cost the people who donated their money, either $30,864 or $43,209 per vote, for The Donald Himself.  We don’t think that was the object here.  But then again maybe it wasn’t a total loss.  Maybe the money wound up at the race track or at J Crew.

And, now we find out that the election was “hacked” by the Russians!  OMG!  Now that’s not a double OMG, which would mean the end is near or has actually arrived but still serious, as both the Mass Hysteria and the now CIA are telling us this.  Now the GOP which is the biggest collection of dumbasses ever assembled can’t think to ask this question, so we’ll do it for them.  What do they mean by “hacked”?  It sounds like the Russians got into the voting machines and changed the outcome!  But then, no one is saying that, just implying it.  You’re supposed to fill in the blanks.  But just in case no one knows, voting machines even the computerized ones are what is known as a, stand alone.  Certainly paper ballots and even the old style lever ones are not hooked up to anything like the internet.  But even the new computerized ones, are stand alone.  They are not connected to anything, so no one can hack into them.  And, even if someone somehow did, when you fill out the paper form that you feed into the computerized machine, it gets locked inside that machine.  So if someone wanted to question the results, they could open the machine and count the forms.  Gee Jill Stein did you hear that?  Maybe you can do another recount?  Sounds like a lot of work too.  How does 8 or 9 million sound this time around?

But we think that what they are trying to say is, the Russians got into John Podesta’s emails and just in case you didn’t know who John Podesta is, he works for the Clintons.  Sometimes he has a government title and sometimes he doesn’t but he always works for the Clintons.

Now no one is saying that Podesta’s emails were not his or that they were fakes in any way.  Just that John Podesta, who detailed the shenanigans of HerHillaryness in his emails, got hacked.  The information in those emails were then made public.  In other words, the Russians supposedly did the job that the Mass Hysteria is supposed to do.  If that’s true, then the irony abounds.  And, it most certainly is, double OMG!!

But regardless of it all both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, have certified their state’s election results so it’s “Alea iacta est”* time.  Also known as, “The dye, is cast.”

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico


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6 comments to “Alea Iacta Est”

  • mistermuse

    Don, since Jill Stein probably won’t see your post, I’ll take the liberty of responding with what I’m guessing she would reply: “Modo vincis, modo vinceris” (“You win some, you lose some”).

  • Don Frankel

    Good one Muse but I see where here consultants got a million bucks. So not everyone lost over there. But I wasn’t even going to use the Latin I was just going to check the quote and it came up with the Latin and I said hmmmm sounds good.

  • Don,

    Good summary of events, Don, which the “Mass Hysteria” has failed to adequately provide us hoi polloi. But I’m going to have to dig out my old H.S. Latin text if you keep giving me those quotes in same–thanks immensely for the translations included! LOL

    Merry Christmas and happy recounts,


  • Don Frankel

    Mark, I couldn’t print a word of Latin without the internet. And thank God ooops did I say God? Well thank God or the Big Bang or Mother Nature or the Master of Festivus whichever you prefer that you did not say Happy Holidays. Because as you and our regular readers know that is the same thing as saying Happy God’s day.

    Merry Christmas and happy recounts. Yeah maybe we could make a new holiday Recount Day and have about 5 days off in November?

  • Livingstone

    Shocking! So what you’re saying is that the Russians didn’t really have any impact at all on the election? And the press never even asked if they could actually hack any voting machines? Does this whole thing then qualify as ‘fake news?’ Someone tell Facebook! They should delete it!!

    Was this the same press who said that President-elect Trump couldn’t prove a single instance of voter fraud, only to largely ignore the fact proved by the Stein recount, that 37% of the precints in Detroit had more votes than registered voters? Like 358 votes with only 52 ballots in the box. Wonder who only got credited with 16 votes in that precinct!? Golly bum…

    Detroit has been run by the Dems for decades, as evidenced by the debt, the decay and the ruins. Reminds one of Chicago, land of gun control, who had more shooting and murders in a recent weekend than the rest of the country combined. Was that covered on the fake news or only on the real news? Oh wait, that was ignored too…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Don Frankel

    Dr. Livingstone I presume.

    Well in answer to question 1, yes, question 2, yes, question 3, yes. Now when it comes to Facebook or as a wise sage who used to write for this magazine in an earlier incantation would refer to it Fakebook, I’ve heard that it has news but I’ve never seen any news on it. Facebook/Fakebook is just a bunch of people posting pictures of their families, friends, jokes and other funny stuff. I think the idea that there is any news there is fake.

    Question 4, yes. And, we’ve heard that the death toll in Chicago over the last 8 years is closing in on the death toll from the War in Iraq. But who can say for sure? All news is fake except when we report it here.

    You know Dr. Livingstone you should write here.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well.

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