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“Christmas” – under fire in the U.S. but embraced in China?

I conducted business in China for many years – retiring in 2008.  However, I maintained my friendship – and correspondence – with many of my friends there.  Recently, some of my former business associates asked me to help them with a new venture they were starting in Vietnam along with existing products in China – I told them that it would be my honor to do so.

Over time – I have written numerous articles contradicting my experiences in China, and with the Chinese people, with what I saw and read in the US media.  Today, one of my new contacts at a new Chinese factory – with whom we are working – sent me the following photos and text.  She is a young mother of a toddler – and as has been my experience in the past – she is just like any young person with whom I would deal in the US.  I find it ironic – that Christmas is being attacked by some in the US – yet seemingly on the rise in China.  Regarding China – especially its people – don’t rely solely on what you read or hear in the media.  Take some time to find out the truth on your own.

Here is text that I received and the photos:

Dear Bob,
The photos are the atmosphere of Christmas in China.
For your reference.
In fact More and more  chinese people also like the Christmas Festival.
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Bob Grant
I am semi-retired and host a number of Wordpress content management system websites. I live in Kansas City, Missouri and my work history was primarily spent within the business community.

2 comments to “Christmas” – under fire in the U.S. but embraced in China?

  • Don Frankel

    Bob as I’ve been saying for years the media just makes it up as they go.

    Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. That’s what all the gifts and the celebration is about no matter what anyone wants to call it. And don’t get upset by people trying to wipe away Jesus. People of all kinds have been trying to do that for close to two thousand years. It doesn’t seem to work much.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Bob Grant

    I know that Christianity is on the rise in China.

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