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“Death Be Not Proud”*

The story that an Iraqi war veteran’s Mom died because of President The Donald Himself’s Muslim Ban reminded us of an old neighborhood story…

There were these two guys in their early twenties Morty and Wayne and both were out of work.  As they were both very enterprising young men they were looking high and low for a job, asking just about anyone and everyone for work.  Well the owner of the local Luncheonette Barry, feeling sorry for them found Wayne a job with a friend of his working on a truck.  And, he got Wayne the job because Wayne’s Sister was out of work, his Mother was confined to a wheelchair and his Father had passed away only a year or so before, so it seemed his family really needed the help.  But when Morty found out that Barry had gotten Wayne a job he was beside himself.  Why Wayne?  Why not him?  He needed a job too!  After steaming about it for a few days Morty ran into the Luncheonette and demanded of Barry.

“Why did you get Wayne a job?”

To which Barry replied.  “I know you’re out of work too but Wayne’s Sister is out of work.  His Mother is in a wheelchair and his Father died.”

To which Morty replied angrily.  “And you believed that?”

Barry astonished replied.  “It’s not true?”

Morty looked at Barry for a second.  Then he said.  “Well… His Sister is out of work.  His Mother is in a wheelchair and come to think of it… yeah his Father did die.”

Well this came to mind because Mike Hager the Iraqi War Veteran told this story of his family returning to America and they were stopped at the airport by President The Donald Himself’s Muslim Ban.  He, Mike Hager was allowed to enter because he was an American citizen but his poor sick Mom was stopped because she only had a green card and then she died.  No doubt because of the Muslim Ban.

But then well somebody found out that Mike Hager’s Mother died on January 22, 2017.  This is important because President The Donald Himself did not issue the Muslim Ban until January 27, 2017.  So Mike Hager’s Mother had been dead for five days prior to the Muslim Ban.  Now we’re not sure what is up with his Dad.  But we hear although we can’t confirm that his Sister is out of work and there are pictures of his Mother in a wheelchair and well…  She did die.  So well…  It’s kind of sad.


Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*John Donne

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