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And The Winner Is…

And the winner is…  Miss Columbia!  Ooops no.

And the winner is…  HerHillaryness!  Ooops no.

And the winner is…  La La Land!  Ooops no.

Does anyone see a pattern here?  Is it really all that hard to read a name off a card?  Or count to 270?  What’s the cause of this?  Global warming?  Lead in the water?  Our poor education system?  Why is it so hard to figure out who won something, especially with the results staring you in the face.  They got the Super Bowl right.  They always do.

Just in case you missed it the real winners were.  Pia Alonzo, Miss Philippines who is now Miss Universe.  The Donald Himself who is now President The Donald Himself and ‘Moonlight’ The Best Picture of the Year.

We’re not sure if this is a worldwide dilemma as yet but this is way beyond fake news.  Fake news is when someone tries to make something up that never happened.  But the above three cases actually happened and people, real human beings, standing right there either didn’t see it or saw something else.

BTW this Moonlight, is it based on the old T.V. show Moonlighting?  Who did they get to play Bruce Willis/David Addison and Cybill Shepard/Maddie Hayes this time?  Has anyone seen it?  Anyone?  Is it funny?

Which brings us to Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm aka Bill De Blasio.  Reports are he met with Federal prosecutors for five hours last Friday.  Which means it went beyond the scheduled four hours.  Which means he had a whole lot more s’plaining to do than anyone thought.  Which of course no one should draw anything nefarious from.  They all could have just been hanging around and laughing at the whole thing, as there just wasn’t any wrong doing, period.  However when this investigation is concluded one way or the other, you’ll forgive us if we wait a little while to go over the results.  Like if U. S. Attorney Preet Bharara says there’s nothing going on here, we’ll wait a few minutes just to see if someone doesn’t hand him another envelope.  And, if there are indictments we’ll wait till we read them and see who actually got indicted before we report on it.  We think a little patience in these times, is a good idea.

Now we were also surprised that President The Donald Himself opened his State of the Union Address with all the anti-discrimination stuff.  Not that what he said was anything, anyone should ever argue with.  Just that we were all pretty damn sure he’d open with.

“And the winner is…  Moonlight.”

But he didn’t.  BTW has anyone seen this movie?  I mean anyone?  Where’s it playing?  Do you have to have Netflix?  Hulu?  Amazon?  Is it funny?  Like the old TV show?


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4 comments to And The Winner Is…

  • mistermuse

    That reminds me that when I don’t get the CAPTCHA Code right, the winner is….CYBERSPACE!
    Here’s hoping that this comment contains the correct Code.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse some of the best things ever written are floating out there in Cyberspace.

  • Don and muse,

    I haven’t seen the shows. Didn’t watch the awards or the beauty contest. But, I was watching election night. Yes, that did happen just as you describe, Don. And, yes, they’re called “screw-ups” and they’re happening all over all the time now. It’s the last days I think. Yesterday I took a misdelivered magazine to a neighbor’s house and found her painting the porch. She said she’d gotten lots of misdelivered mail that day too and checked–four pieces belonging to other neighbors, but none of mine. Our discussion of the screwed-up post office led to screwed-up government and when she learned I hadn’t voted for HerHillaryness she blew up and ordered me off her porch! That’s the world today! 🙁


  • Don Frankel

    Mark, this could be it. Or the beginning of it. We need to consult Nostradamus. But a funny thing about him, his followers only point out that he predicted something after it happened. What good is that?

    But yes getting angry at your neighbors and not talking to them over who got elected President solves all problems. Except maybe when her mail gets delivered to the wrong address again.

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