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“The Song Has Ended but the Melody Lingers On”*

It seems Jon Ossof lost to Karen Handel in a special election for an open seat for the House of Representatives in Georgia.  This must have been important as both major parties poured tens of millions of dollars into this race and the Talking Heads of the Mass Hysteria were breathless in the weeks and days leading up to the election again, and the polls were wrong, again.  So again, the dems are gnashing their teeth and the reps have that funny look on their faces that people get when they can’t figure out what happened, as they won, again.

We’re not part of the Cognoscenti here, so we don’t know much.  We do know that Jon Ossof was in favor of organic kale and he was worried about climate change.  We’re not sure if that hurt him or helped him.  We also know he didn’t live in the District he was running in and he couldn’t vote for himself but then he lost by a lot more than one vote.  So that might not have mattered too much.  And, again we don’t know what’s going on here or anywhere else, so any analysis from us would be futile.

We do know that the knives are out for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and this is just beyond the usual grumblings about her inane ramblings and crazy statements.  No this time we know it’s real because none other than Cher has said M.s Pelosi has to go.  Who is Cher?  No she’s not in the leadership of the DNC.  That’s Democratic National Committee.  She’s not elected to anything and never has been.  She used to be a rock and roll singer, way back before most of you reading this were born.  She once had a husband named Sonny and then another one named Greg.  And, well why can’t she be a Cognoscenti and a Talking Head?  And, she’s voicing concerns that the reps are winning because they are constantly running against Nancy Pelosi.  It seems no matter who the dems actual candidate is, the reps just keep running TV ads with Nancy Pelosi in them, as if she’s the candidate.  And, other dems, real dems who run for office and get elected, are starting to sing the same tune as Cher.  We’re not sure if it’s “The Beat Goes On” or “Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down”**.

And Nancy Pelosi says she understands.  She knows she’s a target because she’s a “master legislator” and a “strategically astute political leader”.  But of course if the chorus to oust her grows, you know she’ll start saying they want to get rid of her because she’s old.  And if that doesn’t work and the calls for her to leave grow, it will be because she’s a woman.  And, if she actually has to go, it will be because of… The Russians.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*Irving Berlin **Sonny Bono

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4 comments to “The Song Has Ended but the Melody Lingers On”*

  • mistermuse

    It’s possible Jon didn’t work his Ossof enough to win the election, but more likely, he lost because he didn’t live in the district (though he was born and raised there, he moved to be with his college-attending girlfriend outside the district). Too bad — but he can’t regret….

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxyaIYWpS3g&w=560&h=315%5D

  • Don Frankel


    Did you know that the add leading to that clip was for a play called ‘Oslo’? But I think you’re right he didn’t work his Ossof. Wished I’d thought of that. Maybe if he stays in the news, I will. But he’s not the only guy who lost because of love. There was that guy who coulda, woulda or was da King of England. Then there was Macbeth and the guy from this song.


    BTW I saw ‘Chorus Line’ great play.

  • Don,

    I think it’s all the media giving us bad numbers, although you can make a good case for Pelosi. But that’s Repubs 4, Dems 0. Cause for ponder.


  • Don Frankel


    As Vince Lombardi said. “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” He never told us what losing was.

    I don’t know what happened to we lost, congratulations to my opponent and see you next time. Probably a quaint idea. I have a few of those. Maybe it’s age.

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