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Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm aka Bill De Blasio, aka Mayor Putz, just had his chances of getting reelected, decrease by 50%.  This is because someone is actually running against him.  As we mentioned in a previous article, in any contest if you’re the only one who shows up, you win.  And up till now there was a guy named Paul Massey running as a republican and another guy, former cop Bo Dietl, running as an independent but no one knew.  Maybe not even them, as they did nothing, so anyone would actually notice them, running.  This may have something to do with the fact that neither, of them ever ran for anything before.  Or it could have something to do with the fact that some people run for office just to collect the money from donors and then give it to their buddies.  Not that Paul Massey or Bo Dietl, would ever do such a thing.

But all of a sudden along comes Nicole Malliotakis and she’s even run for office before.  She’s even gotten elected!  She’s a New York State Assemblywoman and she’s really running for Mayor.  We know this because she debated Paul Massey and right after the debate, Paul Massey dropped out of the race.  It was too much for Massey, debating, which is something you have to do, if you’re actually running.  Or maybe he realized that she was the better man.  But either way after the debate, it was no mas, for Paul Massey.

But before No Mas Massey dropped out, he made sure he collected the donations and paid his buddies.  His campaign manager got $368,634, his Polling consulting firm got $313,057, another pollster $55,600, his Treasurer $266,184, his fund raiser, $226,871, one campaign worker $167,474 another $113,217, Aetna, yeah health insurer Aetna, for his staff’s health insurance, got paid to the tune of $103,563, no Obamacare for them and a guy got $12,000 to take photos for six days.  Hey nice work if you can get it.  I feel bad for the donors though.  Don’t you?  What did they get?  I doubt they even got a T-shirt.  Even if they did what would it say?  ‘Paul Massey No Mas?

But Nicole Malliotakis is a real candidate and we know this not just because of the debate but because she was out there in Astoria the other day, talking to people on the street, shaking hands and asking them about their concerns.  Sounds like a real candidate to us.  Now we don’t do endorsements anymore.  Not since our last one for HerHillaryness crashed and burned so badly.  But good luck Nicole Malliotakis!

Now anyone remembering back to Spring Training, will remember that we said the next time the Yankees win the World Series most of the kids we saw on the field in the spring would be on their 25 man roster.  Well they brought up another one of these kids Clint Frazier, the other day and he hit a home run in his first game.  And Yankee announcer John Sterling blurted out.  “Downtown Frazier!”  Now most of John Sterling’s nicknames for Yankees when they hit home runs are dumb if not downright embarrassing but this one wasn’t half bad.  It might even stick, so long as the kid does and we’re hoping he does.

And, we’re also hoping that come the fall of this year, there are a whole lot of new names…   Downtown.  Because that’s where City Hall is.

Dicens simile factum est

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4 comments to Downtown

  • mistermuse

    I hear that NJ Gov. Chris “Life is a beach” Christie’s approval rating is down to 15%, so if he could run for a third term, I imagine that Mayor Wilhelm would be thinking of moving across the river so he could run for the only office where people would have a higher opinion of him than his opponent.

  • Don Frankel

    That’s not a bad idea Muse. We were surprised that no one made a reference to a beached whale when talking about Christie’s trip to the beach. Maybe it has to do with weight shaming or something. But that image of him beached, might be his last. We don’t much care about Jersey here, we’re nyuge.com as in New York is UUGGGEE!

  • Don and Muse,

    Well, I heard Bill O’Reilly opine today that Christie as a politician is through and his beach photo op was by design to move him more toward another profession when his term is up, like a media slot. Hmmmm. Not sure about the logic there, but that’s what he said.

    Don–anytime I want to catch up on NY doings, you’re the go-to guy! 🙂


  • Don Frankel


    Did you mean media “slot” or was that a strategically placed typo for another word I won’t use here as this is a family channel. If that was the latter I think Christie has a real shot. But I think he has a persona for the radio.

    But you do raise a serious issue. These guys used to go gently into that good night, maybe write a book or two. Now they have second careers. Disgraced and driven from office former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer had his own TV show. Gee I wonder why that didn’t work? But Christie will probably pop up somewhere like some over the hill ballplayer or coach, now turned color commentator.


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