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The Impossible

Recent maneuverings by the GOP reminded me of a friend of mine Harry and his predicament years ago.  Harry had married a young woman he’d met in college.  She was nice looking but that was it, nice and over the course of their 20 years of marriage they had drifted apart.  They had decided to separate and move towards divorce.  Also over those 20 years Harry had done very well in Real Estate, and was now a Vice President for a major New York company.  He was no longer an awkward college kid but a big time Real Estate executive.  He began to date again and much to his amazement he found that young, beautiful women were interested in him.  He was stunned.  He never in his wildest dreams thought women like this, were within his grasp.  Finally he met a woman who he said was so beautiful there were no words.  She was “impossible” as he said struggling to express it all.  They began to date.  She was interested in him as well and interested even, after he explained that he hadn’t completed his divorce yet.  She understood.  He even showed me a picture of her and, I could see what he was talking about.  She wasn’t just beautiful but sophisticated, alluring and elegant as well.  She looked like a young Cindy Crawford around the age of 30, so I waited with anticipation to see how this would work out.

Sadly, a few weeks later Harry told me he just couldn’t pull the trigger.  They dated a few times and well…  He just shook his head.  And, I understood too.  I said to him.  “When the impossible becomes possible… then what?”  He nodded his head, his face creased with pain.  He just couldn’t handle it.

The silver lining to this story is, Harry went back to his wife and forgot all about the impossibly beautiful women in this world.

And this brings us back to the GOP and Repeal and Replace.  Back in 2009 the ACA or Obamacare was passed and not a single republican voted for it.  They all hated it but there was nothing they could do about it.  The democrats held the House, the Senate and the Presidency.  And since America had never reversed any entitlement program in its history the idea that they could ever get rid of Obamacare seemed well… impossible.  But the GOP could run against it and run against it they did.  Amazingly over the next three elections they took back the House, the Senate and then the Presidency.  Many believe largely because the Obamacare, had doubled and tripled people’s health insurance costs, not because anyone actually liked the Grand Old Party much.

But as of January 2017 there they stood, the overwhelming majority, republican party, looking down on Obamacare in the same manner that a starving man might look at a freshly cooked steak with all the trimmings or like my friend Harry, a middle aged man, stuck in a boring marriage, looking at a very beautiful and willing young woman, and they were face to face with the issue.  When the impossible becomes possible… then what?  Could they handle it?  And sadly for the GOP, just like Harry, the answer was no.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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4 comments to The Impossible

  • Also, they realized that all the idiot racists who supported them just because they hated Obama wouldn’t much like losing their health insurance.

  • Don Frankel

    Gee Richard the IVth you sound upset. I was thinking it might have something to do with the reps taking money from the insurance companies same as the dems but naahh. That would mean that elected officials might care more about money than the inane piety they spout all the time and that’s not possible. Only cynical people would even think that for a moment.

  • Don,

    Sadly, I think you’ve made an apt comparison here. And it’s all about money and votes and getting reelected–on and on. Anyway, really enjoyed your version of “When Harry Met Sally”! 😉


  • Don Frankel


    Harry Reid was a typical elected official. He came into the Senate a middle class guy and left a multi millionaire. The amazing thing was he was able to make all that money while he spent all his time looking out for you and me. Most of us are just happy to be able to pay our bills. These people are just so… amazing.


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