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Sadly the new Broadway play ‘Groundhog Day’ is going dark which is Broadway speak for, it’s all over.  This was a Musical based on the famous movie of the same name that starred Bill Murray.  Theater goers said the music was good and Act One was good but Acts Two and Three, well, they seemed like the same day, all over again.

Seth Baron over at the City Journal is wondering if former President Barak Obama, The Smartest Man Whoever Was or Will Be President of The United States, decision to live in D.C., is a nefarious desire to be a “Shadow President”.  And, we’re kind of wondering if that is not a racist idea?  “Shadow President”, get it?  There hasn’t been much or any hue and cry over Seth Barron’s column.  We seem to be the only ones who have even noticed.  Guess we can say that once you’re out of office, you’re out of town.  Even if you still live there.

Not to be left behind or out of the latest fad, the destruction of Confederate Civil War monuments, Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm is looking far and wide for anything he can smash.  Unfortunately for him, New York City is way above the Mason Dixon Line and there doesn’t seem to be any.  But Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm is undaunted.  He’s created a committee to see if anyone can find any.  Smashing things must be fun.  Especially old things, that seem to exist so pigeons, can do something creative with their poop.

What he did find is a little marker on Broadway that indicates that Marshal Petain was given a ticker tape parade back in 1931.  If you ever come here and walk up lower Broadway, you will see these little markers on the sidewalk that commemorate all the ticker tape parades like the ones given for the Yankees, the Giants or our original Astronauts.  But you have to keep your head down and look hard or you’ll walk right over them and never know.

So who was Marshal Petain?  Was he some evil Plantation owner turned Confederate Commander?  Did he lead one of the Alabama Brigades at Gettysburg?  No Marshal Petain was the French Commander in Chief during World War I.  He was very instrumental in turning the demoralized French army around and leading it to victory with the rest of the Allies.  He was so instrumental in the Allied victory that New York gave him our best thank you, a ticker tape parade up Broadway in 1931.   A decade later when the Nazis overran France in WWII, they used the then 84 year old Marshall Petain, to make the Nazi occupation of France seem legitimate.  Some say he was old and senile and didn’t realize what he was being used for.  Others say he was a vain old man, who liked being a, somebody again.  When France was liberated, Marshal Petain was tried and found guilty of treason, stripped of all his military ranks and he later died in exile.  And now thanks to Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm, the little marker that commemorated Marshal Petain’s parade is gone.  And the image of Marshal Petain riding up Broadway in an open car, with crowds cheering and ticker tape falling all around him like confetti from heaven, will be gone from your mind too.  If it ever was there in the first place.  But we can all sleep better at night now.  Justice has been served.

We couldn’t put this column to bed without hearty congratulations to Derek and Hannah Jeter on the birth of their daughter, Bella Raine.  We have no doubt that Bella Raine, will have great hands, a smooth disposition and a lot of class.  God Bless.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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7 comments to East Side West Side All Around the Town

  • mistermuse

    Don, I didn’t know they made a Broadway play of GROUNDHOG DAY, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised (either that they did it over again, or that it came up short). If perfection could be improved upon, why not re-make Venus de Milo with arms (though it has probably been tried)?

  • mistermuse

    P.S. The Greek sculptor created Venus de Milo with arms, but they got lost in translation….and with that short-armed pun, I shall slink from sight.

  • Don Frankel


    I didn’t know they made a musical about Groundhog day until they closed it. And of course Venus not only had arms originally but also charms. But then Sinatra’s love interest was just around the corner and she still had her arms.

    And that wasn’t easy trying to find those lyrics.


  • mistermuse

    Good one, Don. For the benefit of those who don’t know what they missed, LOVE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER is a classic oldie (first sung by Bing Crosby in 1935).

  • Don Frankel

    Thank you Muse you made my day.

    The music is by Lewis E Gensler and the lyrics by Leo Robin.

    And, I’m not sure if this site shows youtube as well as the old one did but I’ll give it a try.

  • mistermuse

    Don, this song has been recorded many times over the years, and while I like Sinatra’s version, I don’t think it’s particularly outstanding. Although I prefer Bing’s original rendition in 1934 (before his voice “changed”), I thought perhaps you might be interested in hearing his younger brother Bob’s version:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSf__uuET9g&w=560&h=315%5D

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, guess we can put Bob in the same category as Mycroft, Sherlock Holmes brother and Freddy Cole, Nat Cole’s brother. But I knew of those two and I don’t think I ever heard of Bob Crosby. I looked him up and I see that he was more of a band leader and hardly ever sung. But that’s an excellent recording. I like that old style where the singer is just another instrument in the band and comes in late in the recording.

    Sinatra sang everything which was as he should and his career was longer then just about everyone else’s so I would remember his rendition of a song. But that doesn’t mean he did the best recording of a particular song.

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