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Shoot ‘Em

Let’s Arm Everyone – Shoot ‘Em,
Rifle, Pistol, Gun – Shoot ‘Em.

Take Guns All Away – Shoot ‘Em,
Amendment Use And Say – Shoot ‘Em.

Got Your Order Wrong – Shoot ‘Em,
Someone You Think Strong – Shoot ‘Em.

If They Cut In Line – Shoot ‘Em,
When They Spill Their Wine – Shoot ‘Em.

Won’t Support Your View – Shoot ‘Em,
Hair Served In Your Stew – Shoot ‘Em.

Offends You With A Joke – Shoot ‘Em,
Just Ran Out Of Coke – Shoot ‘Em.

Stuck In Traffic Jams – Shoot ‘Em,
Too Much God And Dams – Shoot ‘Em.

Stepping On Your Shoes – Shoot ‘Em,
Wakes You From A Snooze – Shoot ‘Em.

Toilet Seat Left Up – Shoot ‘Em,
No Refill In Cup – Shoot ‘Em.

Drops Milk On The Floor – Shoot ‘Em,
Passengers Who Snore – Shoot ‘Em.

Breaks Your Pencil Lead – Shoot ‘Em,
Don’t Make Up Their Bed – Shoot ‘Em.

Cull Through Every Face – Shoot ‘Em,
Build A Master Race – Shoot ‘Em.

Absurd Evolves To Heard – Root ‘Em.



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Bob Grant
I am semi-retired and host a number of Wordpress content management system websites. I live in Kansas City, Missouri and my work history was primarily spent within the business community.

2 comments to Shoot ‘Em

  • Don Frankel


    We’re looking into bombs. Sort of like artificial sweeteners instead of sugar or gluten free bread.


  • markscheel1


    Well, the recent bombings in Austin should get your attention then. Oh, what about that beating with a ball bat in school recently? And that Castroville school stabbing? Darn. A friend of mine last week, waiting at a stop light, witnessed three guys duking it out with their fists. Apparently there simply aren’t enough guns to go around and some have to resort to very primitive means of aggression or a device of “overkill.” Maybe we need a gov. program to ensure everyone individually can pack heat? Just a thought. 🙂


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