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Legends in Our Time

Out of great tragedy step great leaders; think Abraham Lincoln out of the ashes of the American Civil War, Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. against long standing racial injustice, hell think Jesus here too, transforming the massive perfidy of the human race.  And, now out of the ashes of the bloody shootings at Stoneman-Douglas High School, Parkland Florida comes, Young David Hogg, destined to change the world.  Appearing on social media, the internet and TV every day, as if he already has his own cable show, Young David Hogg berates the NRA, guns in general and Laura Ingraham in specific.  Now, as we like to give all sides of a story, there are some people who have compared Young David Hogg to a young Billy Mummy on that classic Twilight Zone episode, from years ago.  If you remember or even if you don’t, Little Billy Mummy played a devilish little kid, with the power to wish people he doesn’t like, away into a cornfield.  And some are saying that Laura Ingraham is now in that cornfield.  But Laura Ingrahm’s people say she is just on Easter vacation.  We’ll know for sure tonight.  But let’s us say now, that if Laura Ingraham winds up like Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling, two former Fox News Cognoscenti, who supposedly left on “vacation” but really wound up in that cornfield.  We won’t be the least bit surprised.  And, even if Laura does return, be assured that those who oppose Young David Hogg are on the wrong side of history.  The time, the movement and now the man, Young David Hogg, have all come together as one.  Get on board or get out of the way.

And HerHillaryness gave a speech at Rutgers University which is an Ivy League school you should know, but they only paid her 25 thousand dollars.  Not so long ago HerHillaryness would be paid ten times that, or 250 thousand dollars for the same little speech.  But now with The Clinton Global Initiative, aka The Bill and Hill, Gold and Silver, Pawn Shop and Loan, closed and no real reason anyone should give them a dime, her price has dropped precipitously.  It is particularly painful because Rutgers recently paid Snooki of the Reality TV show, The Jersey Shore, 32 thousand dollars to speak there.  They say Legends never really die… they just fade away.  Or was that old soldiers?  Either way, it’s the same thing.

And last Tuesday which was Opening Day for the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium saw Babe Gregorious, you may know him as Didi Gregorious, Yankee shortstop, hit two, three run home runs.  Something the Babe himself, that is Babe Ruth never accomplished on an Opening Day.  Now everyone else seems to have missed this except us, but just before he hit the second three run, home run, Babe Gregorious pointed at the right field seats.  Then he hit the next pitch, into those seats.  And that our dear readers, is how legends are born.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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4 comments to Legends in Our Time

  • I think many on the far right either can’t believe or are jealous that David Hogg is so articulate — probably because their own kids have troglodytes for parents. As for her Hillaryness, she reminds me of a past-their-prime ballplayer who doesn’t know when to hang ’em up and call it a day. Give it a rest, lady!

    Don, you can thank the Cincinnati Reds for Didi Gregorious. They originally signed him, but traded him away, and now he’s on a team that’s a contender, while the Reds are going nowhere (as usual). Oh well, as Yogi once said or didn’t say, “You can’t win ’em all.”

  • Muse, I think the term you’re looking for is haters. And yeah we are sad to say here that HerHillaryness is starting to resemble those guys who have to have the uniform torn off their back.

    Even though we’ve dubbed him Babe Gregorious, we can see why the Reds traded him. He doesn’t have a lot of range at SS. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees sign Machado when he becomes a free agent or even go with one of their kids down on the farm. I’d be surprised if the Yanks give Babe Gregorious a big contract.

  • markscheel1

    Hey Don,

    Well, I’ve read and reread your piece above and am deciding to take that first paragraph as tongue-in-cheek. At least, I hope that’s the reality of it. Sorry, Muse, but I gotta vehemently disagree about David Hogg. In my view (and I’m certainly not of the “far right” contingent–libertarians are a different breed) he’s–to borrow a phrase–a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, vulgarity, naivete, and victim of far-left exploitation. Most of his “facts” are simply coached talking points (nonfactual at that) out of the left’s playbook funded by George Soros. I heard another David Hogg on Beck’s program today who has been confused with the school-shooting one and gotten threats, condemnation, etc. He spoke truly articulately, understood the 2nd amendment, owns guns in family and thinks logically, not emotionally. Would love to hear the two debate each other and send Hogg #1 packing! Anyway, was glad to learn of the home runs by Didi. Our Royals are struggling. But what else is new? Ha.


  • Mark,

    My tongue is always in my cheek. The Royals have a some great years too. Two WS Championships and a lot of great players over the years. The Yankees have a great roster this year but the game isn’t played on paper.

    I had a friend whose favorite team the Cleveland Indians won the WS when he was a little kid, 1948. The guy passed away in 2010 and he never saw that again.


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