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Quiz Time

Every once in a while we want to see if people are paying attention out there.  So here’s a little quiz.

Question number 1, Brett Kavanaugh is someone who

  1. A) Used to play third base for the Kansas City Royals.
  2. B) Was Elizabeth Taylor’s, last husband.
  3. C) Brings, you the news on ABC’s World News Tonight.
  4. D) All of the above
  5. E) None of the above

Question number 2 in the last week Brett Kavanaugh was

  1. A) Convicted of rape.
  2. B) Refused service at the Red Parrot Restaurant in Lexington Virginia.
  3. C) Confronted in an elevator by two activists who did not want him to vote for Brett Kavanaugh.
  4. D) Sworn in as the new Supreme Court Justice of the United States.

Question number 3 and this is the super round, where questions get more difficult but the point total goes up.  Brett Kavanaugh is someone who

  1. A) Used to pull Christine Blasey Ford’s hair in the fourth grade.
  2. B) Was Christine Blasey Ford’s date for their high school Prom where he got drunk and threw up on her dress?
  3. C) Made out with Christine Blasey Ford back in High School but only got to second base.
  4. D) A and B
  5. E) B and C
  6. F) All of the above
  7. G) None of the above


Question number 1

  1. E) None of the above, is the correct answer and worth 25 points! But if you picked A give yourself 5 points as George Brett used to play third base for the Kansas City Royals and they both have Brett as one of their names, so you’re in the ballpark.

Question number 2

D is the correct answer and it’s also worth 25 points!  Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the new Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America joining the other Eight Pointy Headed Wonders of the Modern World.  Everyone try to remember that no matter how the Supreme Court rules on something, the Congress can turn around and amend the law in question or even pass a law to address whatever was in question.  And, they could do it the next day.  Or the Congress and the People of the United States in their respective States could shock and horror, amend the Constitution!  It’s been done twenty seven times already.  You could look that up.  In fact the first thing the authors of the Constitution did when the ink got dry on the newly printed Constitution was, amend it ten times.  You could look that up too.

Question number 3

The correct answer is G, none of the above.  And, if you got that give yourself 50 points!  But if you picked any of the other answers give yourself 10 points.  The Mass Hysteria, the Talking Heads and all the Cognoscenti have been in complete overdrive, breathlessly exclaiming all manner of things for the last three weeks.  So it’s possible that you heard or read those things or other things just as inane and once again, you’re in the ballpark with any of them.

If you got 100 points congratulations!  You’re really paying attention and you know what’s going on in the world.  You are probably one our regular readers.  Take a bow.

If you got between 50 and 75 you’re not really paying attention too well.  You probably watch way too much daytime TV.  Your wife or husband might be cheating on you.  People might be stealing from you.  You might want to look around your house a little bit.  Check your cell phone and make sure it’s on.

If you got less than 50 points, life is probably a struggle for you.  This quiz is the least of your problems.

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