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Respect for the Flag

Recently there have been reports of United States flags found in trash bags. While the details may be sketchy as to how or why they wound up in trash bags it raises concerns. Our flag has been a symbol of pride since the beginning of our country and it deserves respect. While our country may […]

The Purpose of Executive Orders

The President or governors of states issue executive orders. These types of orders are not limited to the United States though they are not called the same thing in other countries. This article will discuss the purpose of executive orders at either the federal or the state level. Many people know that executive orders are […]

The Rights of Voters and Political Parties

An issue has surfaced for what I feel is unique regarding delegates for the upcoming political conventions. The voters of Florida and Michigan regarding the assignment of delegates are currently not being recognized by the Democratic Party. This is something that needs to be addressed not only for the current issue but the principle involved. […]

The Relationship between your doctor and your insurance company

This article is about insurance companies and how decisions are made concerning their subscribers. It must be stated in the beginning that there are many fine insurance companies and doctors who make proper decisions concerning the health of their subscribers. This article is not about those who make such proper decisions. The decision making process […]

Are our rights being restricted concerning religion?

Religious and holiday freedom today are important topics, which needs to be discussed. We as individuals should voice our opposition to any movement anytime to curtail or restrict our rights granted under the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides freedom of religion. The exact language is as […]

Is there integrity in gas prices?

Today there seems to be a never ending saga of gas prices going up and down. Is there any integrity in the constant changing prices? All companies have a right to make a profit but the question in this situation is who is making the profit and is it reasonable. The constant change of gas […]

Integrity of Judges and their decisions

I wish to state in the beginning that I have the highest regard for those who devote their lives to serve the public as judges. Our court system is a good one but sometimes it appears that justice may not have been served by decisions that have been made. The amount of information to which […]

Creating a culture of public involvement in government decisions

The functions of government are at a point where citizens of all ages need to become involved in how government operates today and how it should operate in the future. The functions of our government both nationally and in some cases at the state and local level need to have citizens engaged in the decisions […]

Business Practices to compete in a global economy

Businesses today must compete differently than in the past if they want to have a global presence. In the past businesses competed locally or nationally but not on a global scale. The advancement of technology and the Internet changed all the perspectives of having a business. Many things need to be in place for businesses […]

The Melting of the ice in the Artic: What Does it Really Mean?

The melting of the Arctic ice has been in the news in recent weeks but few understand what it really means. Questions need to be asked and answered whether it is something created by global warming as enthusiasts try to get individuals to support their agenda or whether the facts support the prognosis. Our planet […]